Oct 04 2012

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culturgeEducating the youth of our society is hugely important because they are the people who will be running society in just a short amount of time. When we fail to educate our youth, we fail to progress our society in an effective way. Educating our youth gives them more opportunities for the future and helps them to figure out who they are as people and what they can accomplish in this gigantic world.

As someone who is just beginning my teaching career as a student teacher, I am very focused on the importance of educating the youth. I see education not as a system in which teachers give students their knowledge and then expect them to succeed in the world, but as a journey on which students can grow. Education is not simply a system in which knowledge is transferred from one person to the next, but it is a system in which knowledge is exchanged, students challenge their own pre-conceived notions and teachers learn from their students as well. Education is what helps students grow.

Because our schools are designed the way they are, school is a place where students not only receive instruction in various content areas, but is also a place where they come for social interactions with friends, advice from counselors, and love and support from teachers. This means that students aren’t only becoming more intelligent, they are growing in terms of how they approach relationships with adults, with peers, and with significant others. They move from only being able to think about themselves, to being able to consider the feelings of others and the way their actions can affect other people’s feelings. In addition, students grow in terms of forming positive habits. An education encourages this type of growth by introducing students to good study habits, having a healthy diet, organizational skills, and time management.

Educating our youth is more important than ever because we are facing a hugely competitive job market. It is crucial for our youth to get an education in order to grow in areas that allow them to succeed as soon as school is over and they start their jobs as x-ray technicians or at MyiBroke, for instance. Culturge is here to share educational information in hopes to pass on knowledge to the next generation for the betterment of all of society!